STOMP Corporate Music Workshops



Are you looking for fun music classes for your company? If you want something energetic and fun, we would recommend STOMP classes for your colleagues. Contact Advent Music here! 

  • STOMP Equipment can be provided by us
  • Students learn the different rhythm names and playing styles
  • Powerful and positive outlet for energy and emotions
  • Values of Teamwork, Unity and Discipline are inculcated
  • Your staff play the instruments without injuring their hands


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STOMP uses everyday things like dust bins, chopsticks, and water bottles, to produce nice music. At Advent Music’s STOMP Lessons, we turn Trash into Treasure; nothing is worthless, and we will teach your staff and colleagues how to produce a rhythm with everyday items.

It is a type of Percussion Ensemble.

The STOMP Percussion programme allows students to discover and create unique beats, sounds and rhythms that is of their own by recycling materials around you.

A fun and entertaining activity for team building, your team will play together in unity using different kinds of instruments such as Trash bins, Water Bottles, Pans,  Rice Shakers, Bells and Whistles, to produce a beautiful rhythm.

It will be a fun and pleasurable afternoon of music making.

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