Ukulele 班 Singapore

Are you looking for fun Ukulele Classes for older folks? The course is full of popular songs such as 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart)! Ukulele is really easy and fun to pick up. It is also really great for maintaining motor skills in the hands. We would love to get in touch with you. Contact us here!

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We provide:

  • Ukulele course for seniors
  • Flexible length – How long do you need the class to be?
  • Fun workshop – Very straightforward to learn
  • Play a song within 1st class!
  • We have ukuleles for rent
  • We also have ukuleles available for sale! (at a special price if you sign up*)
  • Lyrics and notes are included (Fully in Chinese)
  • No prior knowledge needed
  • No music background / music theory necessary
  • Great for refining and preserving motor skills
  • Left hand will learn basic chords
  • Right hand will learn strumming patterns


  • 我们提供教材和歌谱。
  • 无需任何音乐经验。
  • 无需通晓乐理。
  • 能促进手脑协调。

Want to pick up a new talent? If you are looking for a new hobby or organising a fun activity for you and your family/friends, learning the ukulele would be something rewarding and exciting for many people!

The ukulele, or the uke, is a 4 stringed instrument that just about anyone can play. In fact, 2 of the chords that you will learn (C and Am) only require holding down one finger to play! It doesn’t get any easier than this. Ukulele is a very versatile and portable instrument that will make any gathering an engaging one.

This course will familiarise you with the instrument, and bring your playing to the next level.

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