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Best Guitar Classes Singapore

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Thank you, , for featuring Advent Music among the best guitar classes in Singapore! In the Article, THE 13 SCHOOLS FOR THE BEST GUITAR LESSONS IN SINGAPORE, they mentioned that “When it comes to appreciating, studying, and performing music, Advent Music has almost everyone beat.” Aww, thanks!  We promise to continue to bring you great performances and classes in these trying...

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Covid Song – Singapore Be Steady by Gurmit Singh (Cover by Stitch FM – The Human Radio)

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Just like all of you, i was stuck at home during covid. Decided to come up with a beatbox version of this song by gurmit singh, “Singapore be steady”. This song is dedicated to all of you in the fight against Covid 19, we respect you, Singapore salutes you, and together, we can overcome the virus! Everything that you are about to hear… is going to come out, of my mouth. enjoy!

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Westwood Primary School P4 Garageband Programme 2016

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Our Instructors had a great time conducting the Garageband (iPad) Programme for the Primary 4 students at Westwood Primary School. It was such an engaging programme that the students were all engrossed with their master pieces to showcase to their classmates at the end of the course. They learnt about the different kinds instruments that can be used as either a primary or a secondary sound as well as the different types of scales and bars that they will be using to finalise their final project. Both the students, teachers and our instructors had enjoyed throughout the course! If you are...

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