Beat Box Lesson Approved by National Arts Council Funding Singapore

If you are an MOE Teacher / In charge looking for a Beatboxing Course qualified by the National Arts Council Tote Board Grant, do contact us!

  • NAC Approved Beatbox Courses (Qualified for NAC tote board grant of 50%)
  • We also have AMIS Trainers
  • Hot artform among the pupils
  • Students grasp the importance of unity and discipline
  • Crucial lifeskills of teamwork and discipline are also woven into the lesson
  • Complete Novices may participate: No need for any musical background or theory
  • No need to purchase/ rent instruments, as it is produced all from the mouth!
  • Customisable number of lessons – 4 lessons to 12 lessons

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    Beat boxing is a happening art form that creates many amazing sound effects (SFX), rhythmic patterns, and sounds, using different areas of the mouths (lips, teeth, throat, tongue, and occasionally the nose). So many things is possible, from the basic effects (B, t, and Keh), to cool SFX like turn-tablism, and beat boxing and rapping at the same time. Called the 5th element of Hip Hop by old timers, Beatboxing is an art form that is well received by the Primary and Secondary School pupils, and will show the pupils important values of unity and discipline. Charles Stitch Wong created this syllabus and has taught more than 14000 students. Showing the students rhythms, sound effects, and instruments, Advent Music shows each pupil how to produce cool beatboxing effects using only the mouth. Students will learn how to cypher and challenge each other, and these are the fun activities that grows their interest and love in Beatbox. Bring in NAC Approved Beat box Courses to your school, and Contact Advent Music!

    If you are looking for a performance instead, click here.

    If you want to draw from the AMIS fund to pay for courses instead, click here. 

    Advent Music