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Pikachu, our favorite adorable yellow electric mouse, is very much coveted by many Pokemon Go players, and here’s how to get him. This works in Singapore and I’m pretty sure this will work in any part of the world.

  • When you start the game, after talking to Professor Willow, the 3 starter pokemon will appear on the map. (Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle)
  • Do not catch them. Do not even click on them. Just continue to walk away, in any direction.
  • The 3 Starters will respawn again. Ignore them. Keep on walking. (Even better if you are on a bus or a train.. save your energy) They will respawn again 3 or 4 more times.
  • ON THE 4TH OR 5TH RESPAWN, you will notice that they have one more friend with them… its Pikachu!
  • How to get Pikachu in Pokemon Go
  • Click on him, and catch him with your Pokeball.

That’s how you start with Pikachu!

Because I love the game so much, here I am beatboxing to the Pokemon Go Theme Song (the one that plays when you are walking around to spin pokestops and catch pokemon), adding lip rolls, lip basses, and technicalities.


How to get Pikachu… Without Restarting the Game

If you have some high level and / or rare Pokemon, and you really don’t want to restart games, you will be able to find Pikachu at the following areas, but this is not a guaranteed way.

  • Changi Beach *Credits to Tube (Li Wei, the almighty gym leader who used to own a gym in Tanah Merah with a 15 CP Caterpie)
  • East Coast Beach Area
  • Orchard Area
  • Universal Studios

From the friends I’ve asked, Pikachu seems to be hard to catch, so stuff his face with Razzberries and i strongly suggest using your Great Balls straightaway to get him as fast as you can.. Don’t even bother with the Pokeballs. He tends to run away fast.

Levelling Up / Evolving Pikachu

To level up or evolve Pikachu (or any Pokemon) you need to feed it candy. You get candy by

  • Capturing more Pokemon of the same kind and
  • Transfering the Pokemon to Professor Willow, for 1 Candy.

However, do take note that if you plan to use Pikachu heavily, there isn’t much Pikachus around in Singapore and levelling him up is going to be a challenge. Here’s where you can get tonnes of Pikachus in Singapore –

Pikachu Nest

A Pokemon Nest is defined as a place where the same types of Pokemon respawn adundantly.

To get many Pikachus to level him up, there is a nest at Universal Studios Singapore.

Good luck with your Pokemon Hunting, and may you find or evolve your Raichu!

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