Deloitte Singapore | Corporate Ukulele Workshop 2015

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Advent Music conducted a Corporate Ukulele Workshop for Deloitte, an auditing and accounting firm in Singapore. Straight from their office desks to the studio, soon all of them came we were ready to begin.

While having loads of fun, we also helped them to develop their Ukulele skills during the class; which includes the basic chords, fret positioning, string names,  strumming and plucking as well as learning on how to play a complete song at the end of this workshop.



The Deloitte team was impressive – not only great with numbers, but also great with music! Putting their musical instruments to good use, they had a great time learning top hits like Just the way you are, roar, counting stars, including others. To top it off, it was a nice bonding session as well, great for team building.

We even threw in a little beatboxing to go with the ukulele playing, just for fun.

Thank you for the fun opportunity, Deloitte!

If you would like to have a Corporate Ukulele / Beatbox Workshop, contact us today.



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