Chinese Calligraphy Service for Weddings Singapore

If you are a wedding planner, or a bride and groom looking for a calligraphy service for the big day. we are able to supply a special service of crafting out your guest’s name and a well wish for your esteemed guests to bring home as a unique memento.  Adding a touch of sophistication and classiness to your event, your guests will enjoy this unique service right in the comfort of your wedding event. 


Chinese Calligraphy for Wedding Services

  • Each guest in the queue gets to take home a total of 2 slips of red paper –  a slip of paper with his/her name, and a slip of paper with a well wish
  • Additional Plastic Sleeves for the slips can be provided for the transporting convenience of your guest
  • Suitable for Wedding Cocktail Receptions
  • The Calligrapher writes out their names immediately, making it a faster alternative to a caricature booth
  • A superb match if you, your parents or aunties or uncles, or your wedding clients, loves the Chinese Culture
  • Your non-chinese guests will even be able to have the Chinese form of their names directly translated and written down, adding a fun twist and a sure conversation starter for your guests on your big day. 

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Chinese Calligraphy Services Weddings in Singapore

Calligraphy is a great addition to your Wedding that is bound to give your guests something awesome to converse about while they are waiting for the celebrations to begin, or after the event.

Be the best host ever by providing something special on top of a great emcee and a great band – engage this unique item that will put a smile on your guests faces – calligraphy! This is a service that not only pays tribute and respect to the older generation who love their roots, but also a fun conversation starter with the younger generations as it gives them something special and conversation worthy to post up on their social media, turning your wedding into an event full of fun and buzz on the social media platforms.

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What does our calligraphy services encompass?

Every queueing guest will receive 2 slips of paper – one with a his/her name, and one with the well wish. We also have the option of providing plastic sleeves for your guests to conveniently bring their mementos back home. 

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Looking for calligraphy for another event, like a Dinner and Dance, Product Launch, Wedding, Birthday, or Indoor Event? We provide services for that too!



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