Hire Calligrapher for Indoor Events Singapore

Holding an indoor event, and looking to add a touch of uniqueness to it?  Hiring a Calligrapher is a pleasant surprise for your guests. Guests in the queue will be able to bring home a memento that they will treasure – as they say, there is truly nothing more beautiful than an art piece crafted from your own name

Chinese Calligraphy for Indoor Events Singapore

  • Every queueing guests takes home 2 slips of red paper –  a slip of paper with his/her name, and a slip of paper with a well wish (need something else? Contact us to make a query!) 
  • Plastic Sleeves for the slips can be provided for your guests take their mementos home with ease
  • A suitable and fun option for Indoor Events
  • Your esteemed guests gets their names written out immediately, making it a quicker alternative to a caricature booth
  • A great match for Chinese themed (or multiracial themed indoor events)
  • Even your Non-Chinese guests can have their names translated into a Chinese variant of their name, creating a awesome twist and a surefire conversation topic starter for your guests at your event

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Chinese Calligraphy – A Unique Twist to your Indoor Event

Calligraphy is a unique twist to your indoor event that is guaranteed to give your esteemed clients and guests a great conversation topic to talk about while they are waiting for the main events to happen.

Appealing to both the old and young, having calligraphy is a superb talking point on social media when the younger generation takes these unique works of art and posts them on popular social media platforms like instagram and facebook.

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What does our calligraphy services encompass?

Each queueing guest will receive 2 slips of paper – one with a his/her name, and one with the well wish. We also provide the option of providing plastic sleeves for your guests to conveniently bring their souvenirs back home, so do let us know if you would like to have the add on of plastic sleeves, and we will be happy to provide them. 

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Looking for our calligraphy service for another event, like a Dinner and Dance, Product Launch, Wedding, Birthday, or Indoor Event? We are able to provide services for that too!



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Thank you, , for featuring Advent Music among the best guitar classes in Singapore!

In the Article, THE 13 SCHOOLS FOR THE BEST GUITAR LESSONS IN SINGAPORE, they mentioned that “When it comes to appreciating, studying, and performing music, Advent Music has almost everyone beat.” Aww, thanks! 

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