Percussion Ensemble Course for Primary School


If you are an educator or in-charge who is looking for Percussion Ensemble instructors who can teach your students Discipline, unity, and teamwork through  the art form of making music, Advent Music would love to get in touch with you. Contact us now!

Percussion Ensemble Lessons for Primary Schools

  • Pupils will be educated on how to make music using different kinds of pitched and unpitched percussion instruments
  • Students will learn the importance of unity and teamwork
  • Students will understand the concept of low, medium and high unpitched instruments
  • Students will learn how low, medium and high unpitched instruments can be pieced together to form a powerful rhythm
  • Students will learn the importance of adding pitched instruments to the beat as it adds musicality to their piece

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    A Percussion Ensemble is a gathering of musicians that only use percussion instruments to perform their piece. It is not limited to any specific kind of drums. In today’s pop culture, popular favorites like the Blue Man Group come to mind, and even ensembles that uses everyday items to make music (STOMP), are also counted as a percussion ensemble. There are literally no restrictions to the kind of music and instruments that may be brought into play: whether it is orff instruments, or even water bottles and trashbins, anything goes when you are putting together a percussion ensemble that will produce impacful music.

    If you would like us to teach percussion to your primary school, contact us today!



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