Fairfield Methodist After School Ukulele Classes

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Advent Music conducted Ukulele lessons at Fairfield Methodist School (Primary) for their after school hours activities.

The students were very enthusiastic to acquire their Ukulele instrument.

In Advent Music program, the students were also very compassionate to learn different strumming patterns, notes and fingerings.

Fairfield Methodist Primary - Ukulele Class

Concentrating and making sure she had the correct fingerings and strumming pattern.

Fairfield Methodist Primary - Ukulele Class

The students were really lovely and they definitely love their Basic Ukulele Programme 2015 conducted by one of our instructor, Peter who has very good Ukulele skills.

Are you looking for Ukulele education for your students? To get Advent Music to inspire and motivate your students, Click here to contact us today! Peter, the Ukulele Trainer is an AMIS qualified instructor.



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