North Vista Secondary School Beatbox Assembly Performance

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Charles and Nathaniel had a great Beatbox performance at North Vista Secondary School for their Assembly Programme.

The students were all filled with so much enthusiasm and was very amazed on how the art form of Beatboxing can create and make cool, unique beats, sounds and music.


Nathaniel was explaining to the students on what is beatboxing like and the students were very focused and energetic.


In the midst of the assembly program, Charles singled out 2 students infront to have a friendly battle to show the other students what is Beatboxing like.

Also, for the students that does not know how to Beatbox, Charles will let them pick up the Art form of Beatboxing too!


When it is coming to an end, both Charles and Nathaniel performed Beatboxing with their Loop Pedals.

The students were very excited and elated on that day!

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