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We offer engaging and fun music courses in:

  • MOE Schools (Primary / Secondary / Tertiary)
  • Your Company
  • Private Music Classes

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We offer the following courses:

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    We promise that you will have alot of fun in the process of learning a new art form!

    For our various programs, we will travel down to your venue (your house, school /classroom, or your office room), and bring a fresh perspective to music. Depending on our instrument availability, we may be able to bring down instruments so do check with us if we are able to supply the instruments. (We have supplied Ukuleles to Deloitte, STOMP Equipment to Minds, and Guitars to Townsville Primary School, just to name a few)

    We make this fun for all ages, and is able to tailor to your needs, so do contact us to find out more.

    Advent Music